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Loreena McKennitt
Loreena McKennitt, who plays and sings wonderful music

One way to cook it.

There were more, but the links died...


Lonely Planet on-line
It's not as lonely as I'd like sometimes and these guys are probably to blame! But if you are travelling where people like you have been before, why not learn what they found out?  

MapQuest! Interactive Atlas
While you're not travelling, why not rack up your phone bill dreaming about it?

Other Places and their stuff

The U.S. Bill of Rights
After throwing out King George's men, the new Americans made a constitution. It said that the government had to run a Post-Office, but nothing about the reasons why Americans were ready to defy the empire and create their own country. So most of the new states refused to sign until the constitution was changed to define what kind of country they had just risked their lives to create, by the addition of 10 amendments known as the Bill of Rights. I especially like the First one.  

Waltzing Matilda
They dumped this for Advance Australia Fair??.  


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