Edward Tweedly

Are you a Tweedly? Home Pleasure

If you are, then we might be related, although we're probably not.

I have had some contact with Tweedlys and Tweedleys on the web who have tracked down some information on this name. I can pass on their information to you, and your information or questions to them.

I'd be interested to hear from you, please e-mail me.

I'd be happy to give you e-mail forwarding, free and just like that, if you like. What that means is this, if you are called Anastasia Tweedly (and if you are, then you're not related to me):
1) all I do is create the e-mail address anastasia@tweedly.com and FORWARD mail sent to that address, on to you at your present email address.
2) what you get out of it: a cool e-mail address and a family identity on the internet
3) what I get out of it: a good feeling (it costs me nothing).

Am I a Tweedly?

Maybe not: it was often adopted in the past by some Irish people called Quigley who came to Scotland. I don't know whether this Tweedly should be called a different spelling of Quigley, a localisation of its form, or a change of name! A good site on this is Patrick's People by someone in Scotland descended from a Quigley. Personally I'm a Quigley on St Paddy's day and a Tweedly on Burns Night.

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